Simple And Easy, 100% Risk Free.

  • Simply Register and earn 100 free Points worth Rs.1000/-
  • Participate in any Ongoing Auction & Place your Bids.
  • Wait for the counter to reach 00:00:00
  • If no one else bids, you are the winner!
  • If you don't win, simply buy the product redeeming your spent bids 100%.

Buying Points

Create your free account and you are good to go. Once the free points are consumed, you need to purchase them. Click on Purchase Points option and choose your ideal pack from different options available. Complete Pay online and the points are immediately added to your account.

Participating in Auction

Go to AUCTIONS section and choose any of your favorite products from ongoing auctions. Start bidding by clicking on “Bid Now” button. You may participate in more than one product Auctions at a time. Each bid will reduce some points from your account. The number of points required per bid is shown in each product page. If the counter reaches 00:00:00 and you are the last bidder, you win the auction!

Get 100% Cashback of your spent bids

In case you don’t win an auction or not opt for any offer, the spent points will be converted as cash back value immedately after the auction is over. The cash back value will be 100% (equivalent to the price that you have paid while purchasing the points). You can redeem this cash back value for buying any product on the site.Free points will not earn any cashback value