Tips To Help You.

Participating in an Auction gives you a chance to get your favorite product at lesser price. You need to learn the auction process before participating in any auction. Here are some tips.

If you are new to online auctions, observe live auctions for some days to understand how other people are bidding and winning.

Read How It Works, FAQs, Terms and Conditions to understand how bidding process works.

For initial participation, use free points that you get on registration. You can still win with free points.

Start participating in lower value products which requires less credits to place bids.

Keep enough credits balance before auction goes live. Buy additional points.

Keep high-speed internet connection to ensure uninterrupted service.

Wait and watch if too many users are bidding, Bid when competition level decreases.

The last 30 seconds are crucial. You must be quick to outbid others. When you get outbid you place your bid as fast as you can

Keep an eye on FLASH OFFERS. There are multiple instances where for flash offers during an Auctions. The more you bid, higher the discount offer (upto 99%) you get.

Not confident? Never Mind. You can still buy your favorite item from BEST OFFERS section directly