Just a year ago, we became fascinated by the idea of mixing fun while shopping online. We realized the usual click and buy shopping has become routine and wanted to change the way people buy online. A place for shopping where buyer can get only the latest and trendy items and save time unlike the usual shopping sites where browsing through thousands of products.

We are a team of enthusiasts who always wanted to do something unique harnessing the people power. We have conceptualized a unique and innovative way of fun shopping online. This has been done after the extensive research in online shopping concept.

Only latest and brand-new products are listed here. Each item is shortlisted for listing only based on current trend and fashion. Every product carry manufacturer’s seal in the original packaging with all the relevant warranties.

We also offer the usual click and buy shopping option. The real fun is in the Auction shopping! You not only get your favorite products at amazing discounts but also have a chance to win them! Each auction will have multiple winners! The flash price offer gets you the product at great discounts. What more the auction is 100% risk free! In case you are not a winner, you simply get the spent bids as cash back with 100% value. You can still buy your favorite product by redeeming the cashback value.